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​Civil Litigation Services That Strengthen Your Company’s Future

The business world is far more complex today than it was a decade ago. Whether it is regulation compliance, contracts, labor issues, employment law, violation claims or business transactions, there is a growing need for an effective civil litigation attorney.

Florida law requires that both sides in a civil trial (except in small claim cases) be represented by an attorney. It is important to work with a civil litigator you trust. Call AG Employment Law, PLLC to work with a lawyer who is dedicated to you and your business. We proactively defend employers through a variety of complex issues.

Our founding attorney, Amy Garrard, has successfully supported employers in a variety of cases. She has assisted clients in discrimination, enforcement of noncompliance agreements, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Fair Labor Standards Act claims, union organization, whistleblower allegations and more. She has counseled employers, especially in employment applications and employment and human resources practices.

Businesses Often Must Defend Themselves Against Legal Challenges

Most businesses start with big aspirations, great ideas and hard work. Unfortunately, sometimes businesses face legal challenges that could impact their future.

Attorney Garrard can represent your company’s best interests in matters that include:

  • Business transactions
  • Contract drafts/disputes
  • Employee/employment issues
  • Labor rights violations
  • Shareholder disputers
  • Regulatory compliance

Protecting Businesses With Skilled Mediation And Litigation

Our team has litigated civil cases in employment and human resources best practices. When an employee or another company sues a company, attorney Garrard will help you try to assist with alternative dispute resolution whenever possible.

When dispute resolution has not been possible, she has successfully defended public and private businesses in a variety of courts. She has litigated cases against employee complaints, lawsuits and administrative actions in federal and state courts and before local and state agencies, the Equal Employment Occupation Commission, the Florida Commission on Human Relations, and the National Labor Relations Board.

We have successfully supported businesses through a variety of situations, including:

  • Discrimination lawsuit claims
  • EEOC-related employment claims
  • Employment practice liability claims
  • Fair Labor Standards Act claims
  • Noncompete agreement enforcement
  • Retaliation claims
  • Union organization
  • Wage/hour audits
  • Whistleblower liability
  • Wrongful discharge

Experienced Employment Litigation Working For Your Company

At AG Employment Law, PLLC, our attorney has 24 years of providing professional, straightforward litigation services. We will be dedicated to getting you the best outcome possible through personalized legal counsel in Naples or throughout Florida. Call us at 239-984-9923 or email us.